We are inspired
by a love for animals
and it shows

Summit 10 about us


At Summit 10 we are inspired by a love for animals, and this can be seen in all our recipes. We are demanding in the choice of ingredients and in the manufacture of the products, using only the best technology.

We want to contribute to the well-being of pets in a natural way, bringing to market products that are healthy, balanced and customised. A product for each pet according to its age, size, sensitivity and lifestyle.

It is a philosophy that drives us on in our passion to discover and explore advances and trends in the agri-food industry and which is embodied in the constant development of new products.

We are proud that, after nearly 20 years working in pet nutrition and health, today thousands of cats and dogs in Europe, Asia and the Middle East are fed each day with our products and we are driven by a passion to innovate and carry on helping to improve the quality of life of pets.

Summit 10 Sostenible

Road to Sustainability

We care for pets and our planet, because we love and respect nature. That's why our recipes are made with 100% natural ingredients, free of genetically modified organisms and packaged in recyclable plastic bags.

We use fresh meat from local farms, and we cook it slowly to maintain all its delicious flavour and nutrients. We introduce fresh fruits and vegetables that provide multiple vitamins, minerals and natural antioxidants.

We are building the road to sustainability thanks to the small steps that bring us closer and closer to our goal: the welfare of pets and their humans through healthy food in a sustainable environment. Do you follow us?

We invite you to read our first sustainability report.

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