Covid-19 and your pets

Over the last few days and weeks, we have received a number of questions – both directly and indirectly – concerning Covid-19 and the possibility of infection from person to pet, or vice versa.


The reality is that Covid-19 is constantly evolving and, despite the low probability of infection between people and pets, it is recommended that we take the necessary preventative measures to further mitigate the risk of infection.


Due to the scarcity of studies on this issue, we must exercise the utmost caution when around our pets. In fact, our advice is to adopt the same practices around our pets as we do around other people with the aim of eliminating these risk factors.


The Spanish authorities recently highlighted a scientific report claiming to have carried out experimental studies which showed “signs of infection in cats and ferrets, with the active replication of the virus within the respiratory tracts;  something that has also been observed in dogs, albeit with much lower intensity.”

There are only two known cases of infection of the virus from people to dogs and cats – in Hong Kong and Belgium – which is why there is little reason to be alarmed, although we do invite you to take basic precautions with your pets.


If your pet displays discomfort or any symptoms of the illness, we recommend that you call your vet and follow their advice.






17 April, 2020
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