Summit 10 Grain Free

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Grain Free

Inspired by nature, Summit 10 Grain Free has been specially formulated for adult dogs, particularly those with sensitive digestion or those requiring extra care for their skin and coat.

Only contains natural ingredients suitable for human consumption. Contains 70% meat or fish, of which 40% is fresh.

Summit 10 Grain Free is one of the best Grain Frees on the market, based on high-quality ingredients and cooked using the highest technology.

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Summit 10 Grain Free

THE VALUEof fresh

Fresh meat or fish provide excellent nutritional values because their proteins are of high nutritional quality and extremely digestible, which means they can provide all the essential amino acids a body needs. Furthermore, fresh meat provides better vitamin conservation and less fat oxidation.

Summit 10 Grain Free contains 40% fresh meat or fish.

Summit 10 Grain Free ingredientes

SUMMIT 10 GRAIN FREEChicken and salmon