Sustainability and Environment Care

The importance of sustainability at Unimark

At Summit 10 we are increasingly committed to environmental commitment and the sustainability of the planet, but also of people. The environmental and ecological situation we are living in means that our decisions are guided by the impact and carbon footprint we leave with every step we take: from the selection of our ingredients to the materials used in the creation and development of our packaging.

On the one hand, we produce sustainable recipes that are both tasty and healthy. Our ingredients are 100% natural, with which we can offer a complete and balanced diet without harming the environment around us. In addition, our suppliers guarantee full traceability of each of our products. On the other hand, we act for the future of humanity, seeking solutions to the different environmental conflicts that in the long run guarantee a balance between social, economic and environmental well-being.

For this reason, we carry out an exhaustive selection of our suppliers of ingredients, digital and the material we use, as one of our objectives is to avoid the potential adverse impacts that our projects may cause to the planet.

Our packaging

We use recyclable plastic bags and our merchandising is made from environmentally friendly and sustainable materials. Thanks to greener production methods, we manage to reduce our carbon footprint with each project, releasing fewer emissions during the production of our bags and materials. We also use fewer energy resources and less pollutants or pollutants that are harmful to the health of both pets and people.

Finally, with the arrival of the new Summit 10 range, S10 Whole Choice, more than 40% of our packaging is already recyclable.  With the result that soon, 100% of our packaging will be recycled or made from materials that can be recycled. This will either prevent 99% of our packaging from ending up in landfill or, even better, extend the life cycle of our packaging.

Pet Food bag in a recycling trash can

Our ingredients

Each of our ingredients are carefully selected, from local suppliers and proximity, preparing our recipes with raw material of kilometre 0: they are ingredients free of genetically modified organisms, without additives, colourings or artificial flavourings; so our recipes can provide everything your dog or cat needs in their diet without compromising future generations who want to meet their nutritional needs.

At the same time, we look for alternatives that can offer products with high nutritional value without harming the sustainability of the environment, through innovation and the latest technologies with which we obtain products of the highest quality. Among them, we already have products with insect protein which is an environmental alternative to meat, as well as highly recommended for dogs with intolerances or allergies.

To sum up…

Summit 10 is a brand of Super and Ultra Premium products, sustainable and concerned about the well-being of pets and the future of the planet and humanity.  Summit 10 works to reduce the environmental impact of each recipe. Enter our website and discover a range of sustainable products, for our well-being and that of future generations.


20 July, 2022