What Is Fresh Meat in Pet Food?

What is the meaning of “Fresh Meat”?

According to FEDIAF’s pet food labelling regulations, the term “fresh” may describe substances used in pet food manufacturing that have not been subjected to any treatment except maintaining the cold chain. This means that the term “fresh meat” refers to a product which has not undergone any form of treatment other than freezing.

Why Fresh Meat?

We use fresh meat as first ingredient in our Grain Free & Whole Choice recipes, injected directly during the preparation stage, to provide highly nutritious and palatable protein to our pets. Fresh Meat remains a high-quality ingredient and is, after all, a very natural food for dog (as dog are no-strictly carnivores).

The use of fresh meat or fish ensures that the proteins remain in their original state; they are not degraded by the process of turning them into dry food.

Technology used

We use the most advanced technology available in Europe to inject fresh meat into each kibble.

This technology allows us to inject up to 40% fresh meat in every single one of our recipes. Using fresh meat entails only one heat treatment prior to becoming kibble, leading to substantial nutritional benefits that differ from products that only use meat meal.


Thanks to the injection of fresh meat into our super-premium products and ultra-premium, each one of our kibble now contains more nutritional ingredients, is easier for your dog to digest—and tastes better.

Why is ‘Fresh meat’ so beneficial for dogs and cats?

Because of this difference in processing, the nutrients inside proteins are preserved and easier for your pet’s body to process. In more technical terms, it increases the bioavailability—or digestibility—of these nutrients while also supporting a healthy balance in intestinal microbiota.

In addition to providing numerous nutritional benefits, fresh meat is the most palatable and digestible food for dogs; therefore, choosing foods that include fresh meat as the main ingredient should be a priority.


2 August, 2022